Easy to hook up at raves

Is it easier if you're rolling? Last edited by Zestos; at For every neg that I get I will get repped tenfold.

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Originally Posted by Dodoz. UCSD Rugby owed reps once i am out of the red: Originally Posted by Zestos. ZachSmash is a phaggot. Killdowzer is not responsible for advice he gives or the posts he posts. Originally Posted by ghlibisk.

Help with Picking Up girls at Raves

Do they believe in love at first drop? They're probably on drugs. I would never think to meet a significant other. Soul Mates Are Everywhere None of these girls has ever left a dance floor in love with a stranger, but they could sorta see something like that goin' down.

Strategy for Pickup at EDC or Big Raves | PICKUP ALPHA

It turns out, these girls are dating a pair of brothers. But if they weren't taken, they'd be looking for "someone who has fun.

How do you go up to girls in a rave/club and grind on them

Squat, let me get on. Sure, it's never happened to them, but every time they hit a dance floor, they're open to a true connection. We ended up dancing with each other, and that was it.

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Everyone's ratchy, and you end up twerking on someone. And would you believe it? We actually found our own pair of raver lovers, Blake and Kelly.

These cuties owe their whole relationship to a party. Attend Ultra Music Festival This woman has been to every Ultra since its inaugural edition in , and in all those years, she has indeed met someone special.

go Topic Archived Page 1 of 3 Next Last. Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. Boards Advice Is a rave a good place to try and hook up with girls?

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  • How do you go up to girls in a rave/club and grind on them.
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Not changing this sig until I think of something else to put on here. You won't have time to talk with and hook up with girls before the police come and make everyone leave.

  • Hooking up with girls at raves?
  • 50.2% of festival-goers say they are interested in a weekend fling!
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  • Strategy for Pickup at EDC or Big Raves;

Yeah its a great way to meet girls No, don't go to a rave to meet girls. Thats actually what sent my last relationship over the edge. It was on the rocks, then I found out she was going to raves and she was was taking all of the above and cheating on me lol. So easy hook ups?