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My first date was with this guy who, in his photos, looked around my age. Online, he was a pretty good conversationalist.


We chatted about comedy. He kept raving about this Thai place, so I agreed to meet him for dinner. I gave him a heads-up that I was still living with my ex, and he was okay with that. We met outside College station.

  • Marriage, #MeToo and dating in the dark ages.
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  • Judging by his receding hairline and forehead wrinkles, I guessed he was in his mid-forties. At this point, I think he sensed that I was nervous. He tried to break the tension by suggesting we go get drinks at a nearby pub.

    We were strolling south along Yonge Street, and suddenly, before I had time to react, he swallowed my face whole, slobbering all over me in an attempt at a kiss. I think he was trying to be spontaneously romantic, but there was no build-up to the moment. I had to ask him to stop.

    Marriage, #MeToo and dating in the dark ages

    But he was still determined to check out that Thai place. He was pleading with me to go. So we went, turning around and walking north back toward the restaurant. I ordered a few coconut shrimp skewers.

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    In the MeToo era, should we look to the past for guidance? A knight in shining armour. Courtly love is held up as the peak of chivalry, but the reality of medieval love was very different. Marriages were decided between families and couples rarely met before the big day.

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    Strict conduct books helped wives adjust to their new roles. While women were told to be patient and submissive, husbands could take mistresses and do as they pleased. Over time, elaborate codes of courtship developed. One 18th-century ritual saw a man gift his beloved gloves, which she would then wear to church if she accepted his proposal.

    By the Victorian era , men and women could not talk to each other without being formally introduced and were not left alone until their engagement. But change came fast after the turn of the 20th century. Suffragettes battled, often violently, for the right to vote and at last women gained more legal independence. Then came the sexual revolution of the 60s and 70s, which overturned the stuffy conventions of marriage and championed free love and gay rights. We never looked back. But now, a year after the MeToo movement highlighted sexual harassment everywhere from Hollywood to Westminster, some are asking if that freedom came at a high price.

    Not all women agree. They say we are heading back to the Victorian era.

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    It would make it safer and simpler, say some. Facebook and Google have introduced policies to stop staff asking out a co-worker more than once, and Parliament now has a stricter complaints system to counter workplace harassment. MeToo has shown what can happen without proper safeguards. No way, argue others. It has always happened but was ignored. For example, in the UK, rape within marriage was legal until