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18 Fun Atlanta Date Ideas That Are Way More Fun Than You Think

I mean, are we still going to a movie and a dinner for a date? But seriously, why not step out of your comfort zone? Too many relationships are failing way before they even begin. Riding the wave or following trends can only get you so far. There are so many exciting things to do here.

9 Creative Romantic Things To Do In Atlanta | EliteSingles

There are so many different types of restaurants to try out and things to explore. Now, I pass the torch to you my friend; now go experience them!

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  • Step your dating game up, just a notch.!

Yes, read that name again — your car will go through a spa while you wait and eat! Like how out the box would that be? You hear more about people going to the Georgia Aquarium who have kids but not so much the kid-less folks.

1. The Atlanta Food Truck Park

The Aquarium has special events throughout the year where only adults can attend. Asking someone if they want to play laser tag is far more impressive than going to the movies. Enjoy a fun-filled evening riding go-cart, jumping from ropes and of course laser tag. This is also a great way to break the ice in those awkward conversations. What is better than a blank canvas, paint, and some wine? It sounds like a great time to me! They can just be relaxing and light and of course super fun!

Paint a portrait with your SO and create some lasting memories. Being able to walk around outside with your drink of choice, in public, is called living, okay! The Battery Atlanta is still considered fairly new, and folks simply love what they have to offer! You both can soak up all those good vibes and energy from everyone around. They offer a standard ticket rate that gives the history of CNN and how they claimed one of the top spots in the news business.

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However, if you dig a little deeper in your wallet, you can go inside live newsrooms and even go behind the scenes. Who would think this date would be so interesting? Atlanta Food Walks was created to bring Southern food and civil rights history together. Rumor has it that MLK Jr. So this date would definitely not be a letdown.

12. Walk dogs or play with cats at an animal shelter

But I promise its way more fun than you think! Picture this —two people on a date hiking up a hill, out of breath and laughing about it. I mean come on, how romantic! In the Atlanta area, we have two popular mountains you can hike. On weekends you can actually catch many couples hiking up the mountain. It's not only something different to do on a date but also very rejuvenating. Both of you guys mind as well start the potential relationship off on a healthy note!

We have more taco spots then I can count and not to mention all of them are most likely amazing! Since the price of Tacos is dirt cheap, you mind as well taco hop! Creative some really good memories with your date by snapping selfies in front of each spot. Again, taking a walk around the gardens gives you a source of things to chat about, and there is a new restaurant on site as well as some more casual spots if you want to grab a drink or a bite.

Be advised that it has recently started accepting reservations, so you may want to plan ahead in order to avoid a wait, as this is a popular place. The menu rotates, but you can always find a satisfying, pleasurable meal. Best Beach Vacations On The Atlantic A look at five of the best beach vacations with widest range of things to do and places to stay along the Atlantic Coast.

Whether you like dark, with cream, or with just sugar, some of the best brewed coffee can be found within the city of Atlanta. Here are the best locally-owned coffee shops in Atlanta.

Best First Date Spots In Atlanta

Best Crafty Classes In Atlanta Especially this time of year, we are geared toward crafting and creating. There are always things you can craft as gifts for your family members for Christmas. Below you will find a list of different crafting classes in and around Atlanta to get you going.

Here are the best spots for a quick lunch in downtown Atlanta. Whether you want to go traditional or more informal, there are plenty of options to guarantee a fun beginning, and the rest is up to the two of you! Atlanta, GA www.