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What is carbon dating?

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Carbon on Earth exists in three isotopes. Carbon has a natural abundance of There is also a trace of radiactive carbon, about 0.

It has a half-life of years. A living organism is constantly taking in carbon from the environment, and converting it into biological material. The absorption of carbon stops upon death.

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Since the natural abundance and decay rate of carbon is known, scientists can measure the abundance of carbon in a fossil to determine how much has decayed, thus how many half-lifes of carbon have passed since the organism died, and thus how long ago it died. Carbon dating can only be used for organisms that died up to about 60, years ago.

Beyond that, there is so little carbon left that it cannot be accurately measured. This method of scientific dating is used for samples which were once alive eg in bone, charcoal, leather. All of these contain carbon, a proportion of which is radioactive 14C, an isotope that is continuously being formed in the upper atmosphere. As living organisms take up radiocarbon along with other carbon atoms, the ratio between the two forms remains constant.

However when they die the radiocarbon decays and is not replaced. Since it decays at a known constant rate, the decreasing concentration of 14C can be measured and the date when the material died estimated. In nature, carbon atoms exist in two isotopic forms: These two forms of carbon exist in nature in a particular ratio, and so all living organisms accumulate carbon of both forms in that ratio.

When the organism dies, it is no longer adding new carbon atoms, but the C atoms are radioactive and so decay at a very specific rate. By measuring the amount of C remaining in a once-living thing, you can calculate when it died. C is good for determining the age of once living things that died less that 50, years ago, or so All living organisms take in carbon all during their lives. Carbon comes in c and C, which is radioactive.

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The ratio in the environment is set. While an organism is alive it keeps taking in C , either by CO2 by photosynthesis, or by eating. After it dies, it no longer takes in C. The C decomposes at a known rate. When an old bone or a piece of campfire wood is found, they check the ratio and it tells how long the piece has been dead. A method of determining the age of an object. Cosmic rays interacting with nitrogen in the atmosphere create a certain amount of carbon, which is radioactive.