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The results were positive and showcased in a good looking dashboard. Without having too much data I will get all the right information I need in a very user-friendly overview. Tradedoubler has the know-how and partners needed to help us increase our online sales. We look forward to a mutually profitable long-term partnership. Tradedoubler is a great partner with which to achieve our goals.

They provide trust, security and alignment in our strategies that enable us to grow year after year. We are very satisfied with Tradedoubler. They have a large network and we have the opportunity to meet our partners personally at various events.

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A very reliable partner. We have been working closely with Tradedoubler and grown our Affiliate programme together for many years. With their professional service level and their constant mindset for improvement, they are going beyond the ordinary to grow our Affiliate programme and make it the best in the Nordics. In Traventia we wanted to try the affiliation channel and Tradedoubler was the chosen partner.

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Welcome to the official site of Sweden. Discover the facts and stories of our country.

Are you looking for leading performance marketing and technology solutions powered by a unique network of connections? Find out how we can help you grow your sales and reach your perfect customer. Register as an Advertiser. Register as a Publisher. What is going on. Terms and conditions for our funding.

State aid to companies. Our activities Fold out Fold in. Inspiration for innovation Fold out Fold in. Museum of Failure hyllar misslyckandet. Forskarutbytet gjorde att Johan hittade sitt kall.

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Norra Europa ska leda materialforskningen. Finansinspektionen startar nytt innovationscenter. Motverka diskriminering med innovation. Results of our funding Fold out Fold in.

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How we evaluate our work. About us Fold out Fold in. Sweden's innovation agency Fold out Fold in. The role of Vinnova. Rules that govern our activities Fold out Fold in. Official documents and confidentiality. How we handle personal data.

Your right to get information and guidance. Government assignments Fold out Fold in. Regeringsuppdrag som slutrapporterats Contact us Fold out Fold in. About the website Fold out Fold in. How to use the website.

Work with us Fold out Fold in. What Vinnova can offer you Fold out Fold in. Our terms of employment.

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Our people Fold out Fold in. Newsroom Fold out Fold in. With this offer, we want to support cities that work long-term and strategically to achieve climate neutrality. Find the current application periods within the call. We want to finance caregivers with innovative ideas that include some kind of medical technology. This may be a new way of using existing technology or developing or implementing new technologies that can significantly improve the clinical outcome or streamline care.

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Applicants from both the public and private healthcare sectors are welcome to apply. Find out who we are and why we exist. Follow our five-step guide on how to apply for and receive funding from us. Sweden needs the force of industrial innovation to meet the social challenges we're facing.

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A circular, bio-based economy is one of the keys to a sustainable society. We face future challenges in our cities, whether they're social, environmental or financial. To cope with climate challenges,we need to use transport resources smarter and more efficiently. Our website This site offers a mobile-friendly design, a new navigation system and functions that we hope will make it easier for you to use our website.

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